Client Testimonials

"I’ll never be able to thank you enough for your expertise in guiding me through this process.  I truly felt part of a team, which offered me great comfort.  I am a fan of the Collaborative practice!"   E.W. 

“I really appreciated the whole process.  Specifically setting goals in the beginning, having them hung as great reminders.  Having the mental health coach as a part of the team was great.  End goals, kids first, non-adversarial.  Fabulous!"    H.W.


"I wanted a peaceful divorce and that was mostly achieved with this approach.  I think it is helpful to use the collaborative approach when the separation and divorce is mostly amicable.  Aside from the lawyers’ costs, potential costs of other professionals need to be taken into account.  I found it helpful to have my lawyer representing my needs which is a step up from mediation where you pretty much have to stand up for yourself and figure out the best outcome.  I also appreciated the sensitivity to difficult emotions and subjects of all the team members."  S.B.